Friday, January 21, 2011

Making the Move

Over the last few weeks, the whole Varnell family has been in a whirlwind.  Since my last post, we have finished our tenure of ministry in Malvern, Arkansas, had a great time celebrating Rachael's birthday in Branson, then back for Christmas with the family.  As soon as the gifts were unwrapped, it was time to pack them...and the rest of the house up and put it in a truck.  The weather was awful for loading.  It poured rain right up till the moment we closed the door on the packed truck. was clear for the trip to Owasso.  however, the bowel habits of my children extended the travel time a bit.  We crashed on the floor of our new home late that night and had the truck unloaded in less than three hours the next day with help from some of the guys from Merge college and my uncle, who drove ou to help.

We have been working odd jobs the last few weeks.  Rach has just landed a job with the school here in Owasso, and I am slowly booking some services (hint, hint...  oh, forget the me for a service at your church.)  Right now we are building relationships in the community and learning our way around.  Honestly, we are loving it here.  We have had neighbors come down and visit, and made several connections with people who are interested in our church plant.

Kendall is running in and out of the house as I write, playing with one of the neighborhood kids.  There are kids and young families everywhere.  Ill be writing more about all of the community and church plant stuff in future posts.  In fact, I am working with COGAF with a blog series about church planting and our experiences and dreams here.

Keep us in your prayers.  I'll do my best to keep you up to speed on all things Varnell family!

BTW:  Blaine is doing well, too.  He spends lots of time with ME!

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