Monday, July 13, 2009

Easy Chair

If you noticed, I haven't posted in a few weeks. It's been fireworks season here in Arkansas, which means some of the most labor intensive, long hour days of my year. Honestly, it is brutal. Add to that the heat wave raising the south and you have a wonderful combination. With the heat raising over 100, and the heat index (which is what really matters) reaching 110, it was hard to get the necessary support staff to ease the situation. I know I have painted a pretty grim picture, but the truth is, it is tough. Through the whole process I hear of other leaders saying how they "hated doing fireworks", "it was so much work", and "we quit because it was too much!"

This is my response to those complainers who complain about doing the work, then complain about their budgets and missions giving.

Who called you to the easy chair?

Really. I mean, my calling was never to the path of least resistance. I wasn't called to the grey area of average. There is no entitlement card that comes with experience. After 16 years of student ministry, I was excited to inherit a project like our fireworks tent that was proven a success. in fact, we have set new sales record both years I have been in Malvern.

I constantly keep the project in front of our team and congregation to be held accountable in our efforts. We will not work half heartedly. We were short handed and over worked for over two weeks. Our families had to come see us for a few minutes each day just to keep in touch. On top of it all, we wore yellow shirts every day for two weeks!

We make the larger portion of our budget for the year, besides funding two great missions works with our efforts. We put on a giant fireworks show for our community drawing over 1000 people in our rural town.

Have fun in your easy chair. Just know, that is not where God called you to.

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