Monday, June 29, 2009

Are we Robbing from the Future?

Days on end of Fireworks and making money for missionaries. As much as I love this, I wonder if it creates the lasting goal of developing a heart of missions giving in my students. I wonder if we have become so event driven that we have neglected the personal aspect of giving. In reading Scotty Gibbons book "Overflow" I question the plight of my, and many other leaders students. What happens when they graduate and move on? We already see an enormous drop off in church attendance in the transition years, so what about giving. Of those who stay true to their faith, do they continue to give?
I am sure that fundraising events are always going to be part of what I do, but it will not be all we do. Giving must be learned at the intimate level. I've failed there before. And there are still times I have to correct myself. But a giving lifestyle should just be part of the DNA of the believer.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


PJ Productions is now somewhat official, at least to me it is anyway.  The PJ Productions site is now up ( and the first workshop has concluded with very positive and optimistic feedback.   I have to admit, I was really nervous going in and promoting this whole launch.  But this is the thing:  if I just keep doing the same thing, I'll always be doing the same thing.  (gee, I bet you are now wowed with my theological processes)  

I have always been known as the type that is up front, obnoxious, and probably not too serious. Truth is, some of that helps me deal with my insecurities.  But in turn, it does tend to create a stereotype.  Now, as I see and feel God moving me in certain directions, the stereotype has created some hurdles that I must clear.  Don't get me wrong.  People are not lining up to point fingers and make jokes, but there is a degree of trust that has to be earned.

Starting out in ministry, my wife and I both felt God placing some specific things in our heart. Not and agenda, but rather a destination.  Part of me wants to identify with Joseph, knowing something is coming that no one else sees.  Then, I begin to think that such thoughts are arrogant, misplaced, or just totally...laughable.  I have tried to protect my dream, only letting select people know so they can mentor and challenge me to make the changes necessary for the journey.  

In my dream, I am not seeing the haystacks bowing down or any of that.  (not sure what I would do with a bowing haystack)  I just have this renewed sense of urgency.  God is leaning on me to move out of my comfort zone, and kind of make myself vulnerable for people to...laugh.  I find it interesting how I have always used humor hide insecurities, but now I'm afraid people might laugh at me, not recognizing growth and depth that God is leading me in.  

You know, I believe God will still see this through as I do my part.  That is why I am choosing to be proactive.  No more sitting and waiting for God to do my part for me.  I'm putting myself out there.